My name is Chris McCluckie, I design Memes for a living. 

How did I get here?? 

I wanted to be a systems analyst at school  (it sounded cool as fuck – I didn’t and still don’t know what they do)

15 or so years ago, I worked in sales selling adverts at a newspaper and they were throwing out an old Mac. 

I rescued it before they threw it in the skip and started playing with photoshop, which was one of the few programmes it had on it. I started to copy the adverts in the classified section and learn how to use the basic functions of it. 

My life in design kinda spawned from that moment, although I didn’t know it at the time and I was just doing it for fun/curiosity. 

Never having been trained as a designer means one thing. 

I learned to design everything (leaflets / flyers / business cards / magazines / newspapers / memes / infographics) by sitting down and working it out thru trial and error.

And youtube videos. Lots of youtube videos.

There is always some 13 year old kid somewhere in the world who has made a video on something I am stuck at.

I still use youtube today for the same thing.

Which means I am not a traditional designer and nor do I speak like one. 

But I know what looks good, what looks bad and how to promote yourself on social media using images/memes.

My absolute favourite things to design are

  • Memes and Infographics
  • Social Media images (cover and profile pics as well as the general memes and infographics above)
  •  PDF’s
  • Lead magnets 

Anything you would like me to design that’s not on the list, email me on
(also send me funny memes – that would make my day)