Does this sound like you? –

  • You have a tonne of ideas on how to get your social media and business visually looking better?
  • You don’t know of any graphic designers that are good and can supply quick, beautiful designs?
  • You do know designers and they are too expensive and want huge retainers to work with them on an ongoing basis?
  • You hate having to negotiate a price for Every. Single. Job. (I hate this too)
  • Your current designer is too slow and you feel like you are unimportant to them?

The good news is a lot of my clients used to tell me exactly the same thing.  I hate having to negotiate a price for every single job I do, it gets in the way of the important thing – getting a beautiful design to you quickly.

I have always found that a lasting relationship helps to provide higher quality designs (that are EXACTLY how you want them) with a faster turn around that helps you build some consistency in how your business is represented on social media and in your general business marketing materials.

So I developed “Design Credits” to allow my clients to get guaranteed work done fast, effectively which lets us form a relationship that enables us to smash out the right designs for your business. 

Without constantly negotiating on price.  Every. Single. Time

Do you want to have a Designer on call?

One who specialises in Viral Social Media Images and designing beautiful PDF’s/ebooks/lead magents?

It will save you messing around negotiating prices on every job you need doing, will save you time and help you be focus on your business instead of getting the best deal.

I work with people on a minimum 3 month term as it’s long enough to know if we will work well together and short enough that we won’t stab each other in the digital face if we don’t!

The prices below are per month, and unused credits from the previous month do not roll over into the next month.

25 Design Credits
£250 Per Month
100 Design Credits
£695 Per Month

Your can be exchanged for – 

Social Media Images
(facebook/insta/blog post etc,)

1 credit 48hr Turnaround

(resized for a max of 3 different social channels)
5 Credits - 72 Hour Turnaround
Social Media Banner
2 Credits - 48hr Turnaround
10 Credits - 48 Hour Turnaround

PDF’sEbook/Leadmagnets (7-14 day Turnaround)
max 5 pages per pdfUp to 2500 Words - 10 Credits
1 credit per page - 72 Hour TurnaroundUp to 5000 Words - 20 Credits
2 credits per page - 48 Hour TurnaroundUp to 10,000 words - 30 Credits
10,000 + Words - 40 Credits

Anything not on the list above then please email me on and I will get it added.

25 Design Credits
£250 Per Month
100 Design Credits
£695 Per Month

“I run a group training gym in the midlands and have been using McCluckie’s support for the ongoing artwork/social media banners/posters and much more…
Its amazing having someone on hand and helping with this to keep things fresh and unique. Before I’ve tried to do thing myself and even paid people over seas because they are cheap but nothing beats Chris. 
Work is done in 48 hours max and I even leave it to him to design things often. But if I need a specific design that needs more attention its simple to draw something up and get his view. 
I will continue to work with him on a regular basis as its super quick, easy and reliable”.
Dean M 22/02/18