I worked in sales at a newspaper 15 or so years ago and they were throwing out an old Mac. I rescued it before they threw it in the skip and started playing with photoshop, which was one of the few programmes it had on it.

I started to copy the adverts in the classified section and learn how to use the Basic functions of it.

My life in design kinda spawned from that moment. Never having been trained as a designer means one thing

I learned everything by sitting down and working it out thru trial and error

I never knew how to design leaflets/flyers/ business cards – till I figured it out.

I never knew how to design magazines and newspapers – till I figured it out.

I fucked up shit a lot!

I never really knew what a meme or infographic was or how to create them until I stumbled into Coffee with Dan more or less a year ago.

I got drunk lots then and when I was smashed I meme’d Dan into a variety of ridiculous shit and it has grew arms and legs. (Thanks for the opportunity matey!)

I figured out how to design this stuff as I went along and fucked up lots!! And I plan to fuck up a whole lot more.

The last year has been really bizarre (in a great way) and I am looking forward to what the next year will bring.

Anyway I am straying from the point I was meaning to make when I started to write this.

I get messaged asking if I can design in this style or that style, can I design like this or that and the answer is nearly always yes.

Cos I am 100% sure I can figure out how to do it.

Try it, you WILL surprise yourself at the results.