You have written an ebook that you know gives your customers a tonne of value and will be great for you to help get email addresses/leads.

Now you have to get it designed and looking great, cos there is no point writing a great piece of content and wrapping it in a shitty design?

  • You don’t have the time.
  • You don’t have the skills.
  • You don’t have the right programmes to design it.

There are a few more reasons but those will be the main ones, right?

But you have me, I can design the full lead magnet, ready for you to send out as a PDF.

Your lead magnet is designed on professional adobe software, branded for you with your logo, colour scheme, font and contact details.

We can use photo’s/images that you provide and/or stock photo’s that I will source for you, not free pics – I pay for a service so I can get fairly unique images in most genres.

This service takes 1 week and all you have to do is supply the words and I will make it look beautiful.

Small Lead Magnet
Up to 2500 words
Designed on Adobe Software
Custom Images
Regular Lead Magent
Up to 5000 words
Designed on Adobe Software
Custom Images
Large Lead Magnet
Up to 10,000 words
Designed on Adobe Software
Custom Images
It's a Fucking Book Mate
Up to 20,000 words
Designed on Adobe Software
Custom Images

“Chris exceeded my expectations and outdid anyone I’ve worked with in the past. He was able to dial in my ebook, make it a clean and presentable product, helped create extra’s within the product itself, and was able to do so in an extremely short time. Not only will I be using him again for future products, but I’ll be recommending it as well.”
Cody 21/11/2017

“Last month I needed a graphic designer to bring my latest sales page to life. So I put the feelers out…
Chris name came back, and within an hour we’d organised a call. Chris seemed to know all the right questions to ask, and that half an hour chat saved me a couple of days, back and forth emails to get the same result. 
And his work?…Second to none. Great Prices, fantastic service and chuffed with the result.”
 Paul 22/02/2018